Full Paper Submission

Paper Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit the original, high-quality paper(s) which is original and has not been submitted and published elsewhere. Submitting a full paper is required if the author is willing to publish the paper through the ISBE 2023 committee. Selected papers of ISBE 2023 will be published through Scopus-indexed Proceedings and Journals*.

If the author is willing to attend the QiR conference without the needs of journals/proceedings publication, please submit Abstract(s).


Fullpaper Information

The fullpaper(s) must be in WORD format and are due electronically by June 20 July 20, 2023, and should be submitted via ISBE 2023 submit-manuscript site (do not send your paper to our e-mail)

All papers must be submitted in the ISBE one-column format. Templates can be viewed using Microsoft Word, available below.

The final full papers must be 8 (up to 10) pages long, including text, references, and figures. Figures must be at least 600 dpi resolution, and the font size on the figure must be big enough, including the legend, axis captions, etc. The introduction should indicate the paper’s unique aspects and how it relates to previous work.

– Do not use copyrighted material without permission. If you have included previously published figures in your article, you must provide written approval from the copyright holder to re-use the figure. Also, include the appropriate credit line associated with the figure in the caption.
– Do not alter the margins or format of our paper templates

Templates of the fullpaper can be downloaded: HERE

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION via submit-manuscript:
– make an account in http://submit-manuscript.org/
– submit your paper to ISBE 2023 submit-manuscript site: https://submit-manuscript.org/conference/isbe-2023


Journal Publications:

  • IJTECH (International Journal of Technology, Q2, SJR 0.42 as of 2022)
  • JMechE (Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Q4, SJR 0.22 as of 2022)
  • IJBIOTECH (Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology, Q4, SJR 0.16 as of 2022)
  • MJMHS (Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, Q4, SJR 0.14 as of 2022)
  • MAKARA (Makara Journal of Science, Q3, SJR 0.22 as of 2022)



  • Manuscript should be original, research-based, and high-quality paper/s that has not been submitted elsewhere.
  • All submitted papers will be assessed by a blinded review.
  • Non-presented papers will be suppressed from publication. Therefore, one of the authors MUST PRESENT their paper at the conference to be eligible for publication.
  • An additional publication fee may apply depending on the journals or publishers.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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